Like: Midnight Movies

I see a LOT of midnight movies. It’s a little much probably for someone my age. Yes I’m still relatively young, but I work and it’s hard as shit to see a midnight movie and go to work the the next day. But I still do all the time. Any time there’s a movie I like coming out? Midnight thursday. I’m there. And I see a lot of movies. Sometimes once or twice a week. And I always prefer the midnight movie.

A few reasons why:

1. The best audiences. People who want to see/enjoy the movie as much as you and

2. You get to enjoy doing other things on the weekend. Like going outside… or seeing another movie.

3. It’s easy to find parking.

4. You don’t have to listen to someone say how much they liked/hated the movie and slant your opinion. Instead, you get to be that person! Hooray. (This of course assumes non-critical influence. Though I’m at the point where I know where/who to go to for critical influence and just how much to read of a given review to know if I’m going to see something. I’m pretty much at the point where I won’t watch the trailer of anything I really want to see. As trailers usually ruin the movie).

5. You get to drink lots of soda.

6. You’re effectively turning a movie into an “event.”

7. The Arclight (the best theater of all time) ALWAYS has midnight movies of pretty  much anything being released. Awesome.

8. I can’t think of other reasons.

… But it’s mostly the great audiences.

NOTE: there’s also apparently a pretty good band called “Midnight Movies” who a  bunch of people like. I’ve never listened to them but I like the name.


One Response to Like: Midnight Movies

  1. stuff-i-like gal says:

    I love midnight movies! It makes me feel like a kid. The fact that we both enjoy staying up late and seeing what we love most, movies, makes me happy. So many people want to go to midnight movies but work or significant others get in the way. Looking forward to tonight!

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