Like: This Patton Oswalt Quote

“Man. Having babies. God. You smell bad when you don’t sleep. You know? You get that weird BO? You smell like cake mix and violence.”

I don’t have babies or anything, but I still find that hilarious.

This was on a recent Sports Guy podcast.


2 Responses to Like: This Patton Oswalt Quote

  1. ModernMan says:

    From Bill Simmons – like most of the other ideas you’ve plagiarized on here?

  2. mgss says:

    Now this bugs me. I assume you’re referring to the National League post? If you think that subject isn’t something being discussed adnauseum by many different people in many different capacities, you would be wrong. Every conversation I have with people about baseball seems to echo the same sentiments. How does somebody have a monopoly on talking about a trend?

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