Don’t Like: The Fiesta Bowl

Sorry I’ve been out of commission. I’ve been working on a mega-post for part 2 on Where The Wild Things Are that has just become unwieldy in size (we’re talking a scene by scene analysis). Anycrap, I gotta get back into the swing of things so I’m gonna be doing a few un-edited, blurby, ranty type things.

There is very little I’m about to say that hasn’t been said in other arenas, but dear god does this highlight the reasons I can’t stand college football.

It is entirely probable, nay, likely that selection of TCU vs. Boise State says more about the BCS acknowledging their failings than anything else. They were forced into facing off the the non-BCS teams against each other, to spare potential embarrassment for an obviously embarrassing system.

Rather than risk the sanctity of BCS validity (*snicker*), the two non-bcs teams must play each other for “king of the mole hill), rather than getting the opportunity to possibly upset one of their precious “real” teams, or GASP maybe even a team from the SEC! MY GOD THE HORROR.

Lets go over the failings in bullet-form:

– there is no other sport that decides their standings by votes and a computer ranking program. Why not? Because it is obviously asinine. End of bullet!

-the lack of a college football playoffs is mind boggling. Who doesn’t want this? Who doesn’t want to fill out an 8 team bracket? Who doesn’t want to casually gamble on that? I’d actually care and have rooting interests. Vegas would shit itself. Casual fans would get into it hook line and sinker. Getting to watch a potential cinderella would be so much fun. Isn’t the goal of any sport to grow it’s audience? END OF BULLET!

-every single justification I hear for the BCS does nothing but reveal the relative lack of common sense in the attempting-to-justify-er:

a) (actual quote, AFTER there was argument over the bowl games )”The best part is arguing over who’s better!” / no it’s not. Anyone who would say something like that just likes to hear the sound of their own voice.

b) (actual quote) “the regular season is the playoffs!” / Well if it is, then it’s the longest, stupidest, most nonsensical playoff system ever devised. Why do blowouts against nonsense teams count for more? Why does everyone try to evaluate stregnth of schedule (especially when voters NEVER recognize key defensive injuries and largel go off historical relevance)? Why are said nonsense teams encouraged to particpate in these games when they are only doing so for OBVIOUS financial compensation? Would anyone take the NFL seriously if you could PAY to get the lions or the browns or the raiders on your schedule? It’s a point that’s fucking criminally overlooked.

c) (actual quote) “a playoff would take too long” / Cause the 48 day layoff for the championship makes SOOOOOOO much sense? Tell ya what. Do something for 4 months. Take 2 months off. See if you’re a little rusty when you try said something.

d) (ACTUAL QUOTE)  “TCU and Boise St. shouldn’t complain. Some girls should feel lucky just to get invited to the prom.” / yes someone on tv actually said that. Granted it was probably because they were on tv, but COME ON.  People actually have this attitude. But nothing says “I’m a classless, sexist, elitist-but-only-for-my-stupid-interest moron like that statement.


I’m sorry, I continue to believe that there is absolutely no reason for this. To make the most outlandish and indecent, incendiary comparison ever: It’s like defending slavery. The only reason you’d ever do it is if you had and liked having slaves. Any other decent and reasonable human being would get why it’s bad.

The only reason to defend the BCS nonsense is if it benefits you and you alone.


PS. My friend justin had a counterpoint to all this: “BC  RULES! WHOO!”



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