Like: ROX, “My Baby Left Me”

I just realized I don’t do many posts about music. That’s kind of a shame. And this isn’t a post or analysis but just a little tidbit recommendation.  I like to pretentiously think my tastes are pretty eclectic, but most of my favorite stuff tends to be alt rock. But every once and awhile I do like singers in the traditional pop arena.

And so I really like what I hear from a young lady name ROX out of the UK, particularly her single “My Baby Left Me’. Her clear reggae and soul influences go a long way in terms of my admiration, as I adore those sensibilities.

Check it out here to listen

And there’s some other songs you can listen to.



One Response to Like: ROX, “My Baby Left Me”

  1. KWH says:


    But apparently English ones are okay?

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