Don’t Like: That Someone Keeps Leaving the Pretzel Jug Lid Ajar

December 16, 2008

This is my 100th “Don’t Like” Post. In the interest of being epic and profound I was going to write a big-to-do on something important or some kind of commentary on the things we don’t like in society… But that kept delaying me, so instead I’m going to post some non-important Seinfeldian BS.

Someone keeps leaving the lid off the pretzel jar.

This is infuriating.

This goes beyond mere office politics. Pretzels get stale in the open air. Who doesn’t know that? How hard is it to put the lid back on? Yet it happens everyday. I’m thinking they physically CAN’T do it and feature complete malnutrition because they eat pretzels all day. It’s just stupid.


Don’t Like: When someone walks around introducing a new person around the office, then they get to me and realize they have no idea what I do

October 20, 2008

Granted I have a lot of responsibilities that span different departments.

But whatever. I’m just going to be working directly with this person and need information from them constantly.

Don’t Like: That the A/C is broken in my office

October 16, 2008


This sucks ass. It’s 86 degrees in here.

I’m considered taking off my pants, but someone already tried that and were escorted out of the office in handcuffs.

What was even weirder was that it was done personally by rupert murdoch.

And I think they just went into his office.

I’m gonna find a soda.

Like: This Email Spreading Around L.A. like Wildfire!

September 25, 2008


Hey Ryan-

I’m sorry, b/c I’m covering for Lindsey’s usual asst., could you tell me, who’s Rosh Hashanah and why would he/she affect Kristi’s meeting with KN and MC?

Thanks! I really appreciate it!


In case you’re curious, this is the answer:

Like: Gen-u-ine Police.

June 11, 2008

This may sound inanely stupid, but I’ve actually rediscovered a sense of respect for police officers.

Many people have grown up with that sense of respect, but a good deal more fall into juvenile sentiment I Illustrated in the post below. It’s the typical suburban thing where they don’t see the actual service that Police provide the community. Kids just see annoying old jerks who are trying stop them from having fun. These kids also don’t see that they’re pretty lame… Of course, I was once one of those kids.

The other thing is we’ve lost what it truly means to be a police officer in the myriad of bullshit cop shows where you have to be psychic, or a genius, or a complete antagonistic retard, or David Caruso. They are all fake identities that has no bearing on real life and give no insight into what it means to be a good police officer. And people look at real gen-u-ine police and see them as not measuring up.

Being a true police officer, is a dignified position if there ever was one. It’s a genuine public service and one that suburban America has completely forgotten about.

Of course, the distractions for police officers are well-documented: the shift of focus from service to stat busting, bullshit drug rips, career-first thinking, racism, etc (and that’s what they are, distractions from doing the job right). The corruption of urban police forces is indeed a reality, but one that is vastly over-represented and over-suspected within the community. A suspicion that often can overshadow and even put limits on the effectiveness of said Police. (quick note, statistically/IA, the best police officers are African-American).

But to all the Gen-u-ine POlice who protect and serve and do their jobs to the best of their abilities, I thank ya kindly.

Don’t Like: How Everyone Assumes I’m the Assistant For Any of the 3 Offices Right Near Me

June 3, 2008

I’m not their assistant.

I just sit near them and only one of them is even in my department.

It’s a simple mistake and I’m more than happy to help you anyway I can with anything simple. I’d be happy to drop them word of anything when I see them or even even deliver something you’re dropping. But after I explain to you I’m not said person’s assistant can you please not ask me to do assistant type jobs for them? No I don’t have access to their calendars. No I can’t go through their files and get you something they need. No I have no idea what the heck you’re asking me about.

Thank you,



Don’t Like: Being Too Busy To Blog

May 16, 2008

Crazy busy.