Don’t Like: This Evian Baby Commercial (It’s Terrifying)

August 26, 2010



Like: The “Use a 3 Gallon and 5 Gallon Jug to Get Exactly 4 Gallons of Water” Question-Problem-Riddle-Brain Teaser Thing

June 3, 2008

I love these kind of things.

This one has a special place in my heart because I’ve memorized how to answer it from when i was very young.

-You fill the five gallon tank all the way.

-pour from the five gallon into the 3 gallon tank, filling it up, thus leaving 2 gallons in the 5 gallon tank

-empty the 3 gallon tank

-pour the remaining 2 gallons from the 5 gallon tank into the 3 gallon tank

-fill up the 5 gallon tank all the way

-pour from the full 5 gallon tank into the 3 gallon tank (already with 2 gallons in it)

-this will fill up the 3 gallon tank with the extra gallon, and remove EXACTLY 1 gallon from the 5 gallon tank leaving EXACTLY 4 GALLONS!


/Also, it was used in Die Hard With A Muthafuckin’ Vengeance